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On this page you will find quality cut Beryl. All stones are cut to precise angles for maximum brilliance, oriented for color, and polished to a mirror finish. The Beryl family includes Emerald, Aqumarine, Green Beryl, Heliodor (yellow beryl), Morganite (pink, orange, or purple beryl), Red beryl, and Goshenite (colorless beryl).
Beryl has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 and can be used in any jewelry application, although, emeralds are usually included, and must be protected.

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Quality Loose Faceted Beryl

Golden Beryl

Stone: Golden Beryl
Weight: .90 carats
Cut: Oval "133 Oval"
Dimensions: 7.24 mm x 5.40 mm x 4.42 mm (d)
Color: Pale Gold
Clarity: eye clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Ber-01

Description: This is a pale golden beryl oval. Very pale, but a nice bright, clean stone.Much brighter and lighter than the photo.


Stone: Aqumarine
Weight: 2.30 carats
Cut: Square Cushion "Nigerian Cushion"
Dimensions: 9.31 mm x 5.82 mm (d)
Color: light to a light medium blue
Clarity: eye clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Aqu-05

Description: This is a good sized, good color, pretty clean aqumarine. It is a bright stone, well cut with only a couple of very small incusisions with a 10X loupe. Overall, a very nice stone, the picture does not do it justice.


Stone: Aquamarine
Weight: .85 carats
Cut: Emerald "Trapped No More"
Dimensions: 6.65 mm x 6.05 mm x 4.89 mm (d)
Color: light medium blue
Clarity: eye clean/almost eye clean
Price: $99.00
Item Number: Aqu-06

Description: This is an emerald cut pastel blue aquamarine. There a some very fine inclusions only visable under bright light, as flashes. Very nice color and cut.


Stone: Morganite
Weight: .60 carats
Cut: Round SRB
Dimensions: 6.17 mm x 4.87 mm (d)
Color: Very Pale Pink
Clarity: eye clean/almost eye clean
Price: $39.00
Item Number: Mor-01

Description: This is a very pale pink Morganite, almost white. The color faded as it was cut so this is probably closer to a Goshenite or colorless Beryl. It is a small but pretty stone with a very small price.


Stone: Aquamarine
Weight: 1.90 carats
Cut: Square "Radiant Antique"
Dimensions: 8.16 mm x 5.64 mm(d)
Color: Pale blue
Clarity: eye clean - a couple of small inclusions under 10x loupe
Item Number: Aqu-04

Description: A very bright stone. A little light, but nice color and clarity. Well cut and faces up well. Would make a nice ring.


Stone: Aquamarine
Weight: 2.00 carats
Cut: Rectangular Cushion - "King Beryl"
Dimensions: 9 mm x 7 mm x 6 mm(d)
Color: Pale ice blue
Clarity: Eye clean - very good, one small, light veil
Price: Sold
Item Number: Aqu-03
Description: This is a very nice, clean and bright Aquamarine. It is well sized and is well cut. It is on the pale side, but does show a nice pale blue color and bright flash. Just a nice gemstone.

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