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On this page you will find quality cut Garnet. All stones are cut to precise angles for maximum brilliance and polished to a mirror finish. Garnet is the birthstone for January and the second anniversary stone. Most people think of Garnet as being red, but it can be shades of green, orange, brown, purple,pink, and yellow. Garnet has a hardness which ranges from 6.5 to 7.5, with most garnet being around 7.25. It can be used for any jewlery application.

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Quality Loose Faceted Garnet


Stone: Garnet
Weight:2.65 carats
Cut: Square cushion "Classic I"
Dimensions: 8.0 mm x 5.34 mm (d)
Color: Deep rich red
Clarity: eye clean ++
Price: $99.00
Item Number: Gar-44

Description: This is a pure velvet red garnet. Nice deep color, clarity and a nice shape for a ring

Mint Merlini Garnet

Stone: Mint Merlini Garnet
Weight: .70 carats
Cut: Round Mini Portuguese Pav/SRB Crown
Dimensions: 5.58 mm x 3.62 mm (d)
Color: Mint Green
Clarity: eye clean ++
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-41

Description: This is a stunning Mint Merlini Garnet. This type of garnet is only found in the Merlini region of Tanzania. The color is outstanding and the extra facets on the pavillion make this gemstone glow. A steal and this price.


Stone: Tanga Garnet
Weight: 2.05 carats
Cut: Square Diamond Checkerboard "Britt's Antique"
Dimensions: 8.02 mm x 5.07 mm (d)
Color: Bright Pink/Purple flashes
Clarity: eye clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-39

Description: This is a deep pink/purplish "Tanga' Garnet. Tanga is a variety of rhodolite found only in Tanzania's Tanga Region. Tanga is some of the finest rhodolite in the world. It is very clean, only a couple of very small spots visible with a loupe. With the diamond checkerboard you see deep pink/purple flashes as you roll the stone. A really nice garnet.


Stone: Umbalite Garnet
Weight: 1.15 carats
Cut: Round SRB
Dimensions: 6.42 mm x 3.74 mm (d)
Color: Raspberry Pink/red/purple flashes
Clarity: eye clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-38

Description: This is Rhodolite garnet from the Umba River Region in Africa where much of the world best garnet comes from. Great color and a nice simple cut. Eye clean, only a very small veil.


Stone: Rhodolite Garnet
Weight: 1.85 carats
Cut: Round checkerboard "Dutch Rose Round"
Dimensions: 7.45 mm x 4.87 mm (d)
Color: Deeper Red
Clarity: eye clean
Price: $69.00
Item Number: Gar-40

Description: This is a deeper red rhodolite garnet, cut in a round checkerboard design. There are a few inclusions, but they are well hidden by the color.

Garnet Garnet

Stone: Malaya Color Change Garnet
Weight: 1.35 carats
Cut: Standard Round Brilliant
Dimensions: 6.5 mm x 4 mm (d)
Color: Bright Pink/red changing to orange/orange-brown under fluorescent light
Clarity: eye clean/slight silk under 10X loupe
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-35

Description: This is a very nice color shifter. There is a pretty good color shift, better than I could show in the picture. It is a bright pink/red in daylight changing to a orange/orange-brown under flourescent lighting. A very well cut stone, and well worth the money.


Stone: Tsavorite Grossular Garnet
Weight: .65 carats
Cut: Trillian - "Brittania"
Dimensions: 5.5 mm x 4 mm (d)
Color: Bright medium green
Clarity: some inclusions
Price: $99.00
Item Number: Gar-33

Description:This stone looks really nice with the eye. It is a bright medium green color, with an interesting cut. There are inclusions, typical of this garnet, but the high RI of the materal hides everything quite well to the naked eye. I have marked this stone WAY down because of the inclusions, so this is a great buy.


Stone: Umbalite Garnet
Weight: 4.80 carats
Cut: Simple Portuguese
Dimensions: 10 mm x 7 mm (d)
Color: Pink - Pink/Red
Clarity: eye clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-27

Description: This is a very large, well cut umbalite garnet. It is cut in a Simple Portuguese style that has 145 facets. It takes time to cut, but it really shows alot of flash and brilliance. It is an eye clean stone, but there is a little bit of silk that doesn't affect the stone. It would make an impressive pendant or a monster of a ring.


Stone: Mint Merelani Grossular Garnet
Weight: .85 carats
Cut: Standard Round Brilliant
Dimensions: 6 mm x 3.75 mm (d)
Color: bright mint green
Clarity: eye clean to loupe clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-17

Description: This is a stunning mint green Merelani Grossular Garnet. The color and cut are fantastic, I just love this stone. It is very clean, it looks like mint green ice. It would make a beautiful addition to anyones collection.


Stone: Rose Almandite Garnet
Weight: 1.90 carats
Cut: Square Checker Cushion
Dimensions: 7 mm x 4.5 mm (d)
Color: Rose red - tint of orange
Clarity: eye clean clean
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-28

Description:This is a very nice square checker rose almandite garnet. It has great color, a very rich rose red. It is very clean and would make a nice ring.


Stone: Mali Garnet
Weight: .70 carats
Cut: Round "Button"
Dimensions: 5 mm x 3.5 mm (d)
Color: bright,light green-flashes of yellow
Clarity: eye clean
Price: $99.00
Item Number: Gar-22

Description: This is very bright, light green Mali Garnet. It has wonderful color and a bright cut. It is eye clean, only a small veil near the girdle facets, but because it has so much flash there is no distraction at all. Mali garnet is an Andradite/Grossularite mix. It has a 1.77 RI that gives it lots of sparkle. Mali garnet was recently discovered in the Republic of Mali in Western Africa. Andradite garnet is the brightest (but softest) of the gem garnets, and the green variety (demantoid) is highly prized. Mali garnet has the best qualities of both andradite and grossular, with a refractive index and dispersion higher than grossular garnet and a hardness greater than andradite.


Stone: Spessarite Garnet
Weight: .55 carats
Cut: Octogon - "Marokee"
Dimensions: 6.5mm x 4mm x 3mm (d)
Color: light orange/yellow
Clarity: light to moderately included
Price: $39.00
Item Number: Gar-14

Description: This is a light to moderately included orange spessarite garnet. It is a great bright orange color. I don't know if you can really see any inclusions with the naked eye, mabey an extra flash, here and there, but I won't call it eye clean. Spessarite garnet is usually included, so this one is pretty nice. The price has been adjusted.


Stone: Mandarin Grossular Garnet
Weight: .95 carats
Cut: - Trillian - "Warrior"
Dimensions: 6mm x 4mm (d)
Color: Tangerine/Mandarin Orange
Clarity: Moderately included
Price: Sold
Item Number: Gar-30

Description: This is a Manderin orange grossular garnet. It has the famous color of this type of garnet. It is included, as is most of this garnet, but this stone shows lots of sparkle. It is a very nice cut.

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